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Dear DPCCC Members:
Wishing you a wonderful holiday season.  
At our November 21 meeting, we voted to endorse in the 2020 March Primary.  I wanted to inform you know that in order to meet the Endorsements requirement in our By-laws for the 2020 Primary Endorsements, we have scheduled a 

Special Meeting on Saturday, January 4 @ 10am
USW, 1333 Pine St, Martinez

The Agenda  and Endorsements Committee Report are attached.  

WHO CAN VOTE:  DPCCC MEMBERS: Regular (or alternate); Ex-Officios (or alternate); Club Representatives (or alternate):
HOW TO PAY DUES:  ON-LINE; or mail check before January 1st: DPCCC, PO Box 4112, Walnut Creek, CA 94596-4112
María Alegría, Chair
Democratic Party of CCC

December 21, 2010

To:          DPCCC Membership

Subject:     Endorsements Committee Report for the March 2020 Primary

Submitted by Katie Ricklefs, DPCCC 1st Vice-Chair and Chuck Carpenter, Endorsements Committee Chair


Nov 21: Per bylaws, Membership approves endorsement in 2020 election (Primary & General).

Nov 26: DPCCC Candidate Questionnaire emailed to declared Board of Sup Candidates in District 3 and 5

Dec 13: Deadline for candidates to submit questionnaire 

Dec 15: Candidate Interviews.  The following candidates were interviewed:

  • Supervisor District 3:  Diane Burgis, Paul Seger
  • Supervisor District 5:  Federal Glover, Gus Kramer, Sean Trambley

Dec 19: Endorsements Committee meets to discuss and decide on recommendations 

Jan 4:  Special Meeting of DPCCC Membership to vote on Endorsements for Board of Supervisors for March 2020 Primary

Endorsements Committee Recommendations: 

The following Endorsements Committee members were present and voted at the December 19th meeting:  

Chuck Carpenter (4); Nadine Peyrucain (5); Jeff Koertzen (4); Diddo Clark (2); Debra Vinson (3); Sarah Butler (2); Maria Alegria (1); Sue Hamill (4); John Stevens (5); Heath Lenoble (3); Edi Birsan (4);  Rich Verrilli (5); Harry Thurston (3); Champagne Brown (1); Robyn Kuslits (4); Melanie Smith (4); Tom Lawson (5); and John Hall (2).

Endorsements Process: 

  • Unanimous (U) –    Candidate has received all votes cast by attending Endorsements Committee members. 
  • Endorsement (E) –        Candidate receives at least 50% plus one vote by all Endorsements Committee members present.
  • No Endorsement (N) –    Candidate does not receive at least 50% plus one of votes cast by all Endorsements Committee Members present.

Recommendation – District 3 Board of Supervisor: Endorse Diane Burgis

Recommendation – District 5 Board of Supervisor:  Endorse Sean Trambley

DPCCC Endorsements Voting Process – January 4, 2020

Endorsements Committee recommendations will be presented to the DPCCC, at a regularly scheduled or special endorsement meeting, arranged as a Consent Calendar.

Any member of the DPCCC may request that a specific office be pulled from the Consent Calendar.

Following review of the Consent Calendar a vote for Endorsement of all candidates on the Consent Calendar shall be taken.  A vote of 60 % of the members present is required for endorsement.

All offices pulled from the Consent Calendar shall be handled in the following manner.

    The member pulling the item shall state their reason for pulling the office.

    The candidate(s) in question or their designated representative shall have one (1) minute to solicit member’s votes.

    Members of the DPCCC with an interest in the office pulled, shall have to following opportunities to speak for or against the endorsement vote. Alternating for and against arguments of one (1) minute each.  Up to two (2) for and two (2) against.

    Following these arguments a vote for the candidate in question shall be taken.  A 60% positive vote is needed for endorsement.

Here is the link to view candidates questionnaire:

Supervisor District 3:
Diane Burgis
Paul Seger

Supervisor District 5:
Federal Glover
Gus Kramer
Sean Trambley

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Democratic party of Contra Costa County
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