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CADEM 2020 Coordinated Campaign - Battleground Counties Program - Jobs Available

CADEM 2020 COORDINATED CAMPAIGN – BATTLEGROUND COUNTIES PROGRAM We have a huge challenge and a great opportunity in 2020.  Together we can elect strong Democrats from the local to the state level, help pass progressive ballot measures and play a national role in electing a Democratic President.  We want to build a statewide coordinated program that make millions of phone calls, knocks on hundreds of thousands of doors, engages tens of thousands of volunteers and builds our capacity as a Party. To do that we will need to build on the energy and great work of 2018 when thousands of volunteers across the state came out in large numbers day after day to flip 7 congressional seats.  In 2020 we want to make certain that every Democrat, and every person who supports our Democratic ticket, anywhere in the state can help.  We’ll need to be organized and use the talent of our Party leaders and activists and partner organizations and the technological tools that make it possible. The State Party is leading the effort through two key programs: Support for Battleground Counties –  We’ve chosen 12 counties where we flipped seats last year or hope to this year, and have overlapping races between Assembly, Senate and Congress.  The 12 counties are Contra Costa, Alameda, San Joaquin, Stanislaus, Fresno, Kern, Ventura, Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino and San Diego.  CADEM will help run a year long program in these counties. Support program for Blue Wave Counties –  All other counties will be supported for the Coord Campaign through – strategic planning help, year-round training program, use of and support for CADEM PDI data and slate cards for the General Election.  The State Party is also looking at ways to support General Election direct voter contact programs.   Terms and Conditions for Battleground Counties
  • The program is intended to take a big tent approach, which means inviting local clubs and other partner organizations like Swing Left, Indivisible, Labor and other groups who share our goals and values to participate in the planning and execution of the 2020 program, where permitted.
  • The 2020 program will be year-round and include voter engagement for the March Primary and November General, as well as activities from March – July.  Mid-year program activities could include things like: Census organizing, voter registration, legislative issue campaigns, house parties, welcome program for new Democrats, etc.  State Party staff will work with Counties to plan and execute non-electoral activities for the March – July period.
  • All participating counties will be required to use the CADEM PDI account for all data related programs.  Running data through a central account will help with coordination and cut down on duplication.  And we’ll have data staff to support training and tracking efforts.
  • Counties will be required to report volunteer and voter contact numbers on a weekly basis from February 1, 2020 – March 3, 2020 and from August 1 – November 3, 2020 and monthly numbers from March 4 – July 31, 2020.
  • Counties shouldn’t solely rely on State Party funds.  The State Party is making a year-long financial and technical support commitment to the counties.  Counties should build upon their fundraising efforts to augment what the State Party will be funding.  The State Party will help with fundraising planning and training throughout 2020 to support County efforts to build their fundraising base.
  • Counties are strongly encouraged and will be supported in using 2020 to build capacity for local Democratic Party structures and the Party brand for the longer run.
  • Office rental for 11 months, starting January 1, 2020 – November 30, 2020.  Where possible, the office will be shared with priority  candidates and Democratic Clubs.  The Party will work with County Leadership and candidate campaigns to locate an appropriately sized office, ideally 2-3,000 sq ft and ADA accessible.  The rental budget depends on local market rates and will include utilities and internet.
  • Hire one 2020 Field Coordinator to start January 1, 2020 and a second Field Coordinator to start July 1, 2020.  Staff will be hired and managed by the State Party.  The Party will work with County leadership to recruit appropriate staff for the program.  Staff will work with County Leadership, local clubs, participating candidate campaigns and partner organizations to plan and implement the year-long program, including goal setting and reporting.  Staff will be managed day to day by a CADEM Area Director.
Staff responsibilities will include but not be limited to:
    • Planning campaign activities and other actions in coordination with local program participants
    • Setting up the office
    • Helping with volunteer recruitment efforts 
    • Preparing needed lists, materials and logistics for volunteer activities, including phonebanks and canvases
    • Training volunteers
    • Helping build a team of volunteer leaders to help with volunteer recruitment and management, data work, logistics, training and campaign activities
    • Regular reporting  
  • Purchase and set up of eight laptops to access the statewide compliance call system, and annual licenses and minutes.
  • Support throughout 2020 from the CADEM Training Director and training programs.
  • Use of the CADEM PDI account.  State Party data and technology staff will set up the targeted universe and survey and work with Battleground offices to make use of all PDI systems – mobile app, online phonebanks, on the go app, and support for printing paper lists if needed.  

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