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Choose a one-time (annual) or recurring (monthly) donation to join or renew as an associate member. ($24)
Renewing voting member dues are $40.  One may not join as a voting member.  Voting members are elected or appointed.
Annual Dues for Voting Members (Elected, Appointed, Club Reps, and Ex-Officio) is $40/year.
Annual Dues for Alternates and Associates is $24/year.

Make a one-time donation for your membership payment.
Make a monthly recurring donation for your membership payment.

If paying by check, mail to:

PO Box 4112
Walnut Creek, CA 94596-4112

Statement on Dues and January 2020 Membership Meetings

As a reminder, annual DPCCC dues for existing members are due by January 1 and become delinquent as of the first meeting of the DPCCC in January. Only members who are “in good standing” (not delinquent in payment of dues) may participate in that  Meeting.  Regular members may not vote until they are “in Good Standing”.

Existing members will become “in good standing” upon the payment of dues, however, all members are encouraged to pay their dues in advance in order for us to more efficiently run the Meeting). We need to know who is eligible to vote and how many members are required for quorum prior to the start of the meeting. Payment in advance gives us more opportunity to run a more efficient meeting.

New associate and alternate members are in good standing upon payment of dues and determination of eligibility for membership in the DPCCC (verification of registration as a Democrat). To verify that you are registered as a Democrat, use this link.

January 1, 2020  (Wed.) Annual Dues become DUE ($40 Regular Members, $24 Associate Members)
January 4, 2020 (Thu) Special Endorsement Meeting. Only Regular members "in Good Standing" may Vote at this meeting for endorsements.
January 16, 2020 (Thu) Membership Meeting

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