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Rules Committee

The Rules Committee shall: A) Keep and publish the By-Laws and Rules of the DPCCC consistent with the aims and policies of the DPCCC; B) Propose changes to the By-Laws and special rules; C) Interpret the rules and By-Laws when called upon by the Chair; and D) Review, recommend, and publish policies and procedures for efficient operation of the DPCCC. (Oversight: Chair)

Elections Committee

The Elections Committee shall: A) Work with the relevant committees to provide for a coordinated campaign as appropriate; B) Work with the Chair of the DPCCC to conduct a DPCCC slate card campaign in conjunction with the CDP; C) Develop and conduct training workshops for Democrats interested in running for public office; D) Cooperate with and assist all local Democratic Election Campaigns, and any state and national campaigns as needed; E) Help in planning and carrying out an effective “Get Out The Vote” (GOTV) campaign including both Vote by Mail (VBM) and Election Day poll efforts; F) Develop and maintain, in cooperation with clubs, elected officials and other organizations, a program for providing volunteers for carrying out Democratic campaigns; andG) Plan and implement an ongoing countywide voter registration program and Vote by Mail conversion program. (Oversight: 1st Vice Chair)

Issues Committee

The Issues Committee shall: A) Review and recommend action on all propositions brought before the DPCCC as set forth in Article VII of the By-Laws; and B) Review and recommend action on all resolutions, and local, state, and national issues. (Oversight: 1st Vice Chair)

Club Development Committee

The Club Development Committee shall: A) Provide guidance for existing and new Democratic clubs within the county; B) Promote club activities to encourage DPCCC participation; C) Serve as a liaison between the DPCCC and the clubs; D) Develop, maintain, and publish a Manual of Democratic Clubs subject to the By-Laws, rules, and approval of the voting members of the DPCCC; E) Encourage club participation in the activities of the DPCCC; and F) Encourage clubs to have a liaison between the club and the DPCCC. (Oversight: 2nd Vice Chair

Training & Recruitment Committee

The Training & Recruitment Committee shall: A) Educate each new DPCCC member on their duties, responsibilities, and opportunities; B) Plan social activities to attract new members to the DPCCC and clubs, such asa summer picnic and a holiday party; and C) Develop and conduct DPCCC training workshops for members and officers. (Oversight: 2nd Vice Chair)

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee shall: A) Provide financial oversight for the DPCCC. B) Prepare regular financial reports for the DPCCC; C) Oversee the preparation of all lawfully required financial reports and the submission thereof to proper authorities; and D) Prepare and oversee the annual operating budget. (Oversight/Chair: Controller)

Fundraising Committee

The Fundraising Committee shall: A) Organize and manage the execution of all DPCCC fundraising events, such as the annual dinner; B) Review and submit a report to the DPCCC for all proposed fundraising projects and the necessary budgets; and C) Develop, and assist others in developing, all desired fundraising activities necessary to the ongoing operation of the DPCCC and the completion of its registration and campaign duties within the county. (Oversight: Controller)

Communications Director

The Communications Director shall appoint and manage: A) A facilitator to manage all member-to-member communications; B) A facilitator to manage the membership e-mail lists (groups or listserves); C) A facilitator to support the Secretary in the distribution of minutes of the regular and special meetings, and any other official communications to the membership. D) A facilitator to manage the DPCCC website and on-line presence and properties. E) A facilitator to regularly publish a DPCCC newsletter. F) A facilitator to review and manage the publication of any other official publications of the DPCCC (Oversight: Secretary)


Audit Committee

The Audit Committee shall be organized following the biennial Organizational Meeting and shall serve as a special committee of the DPCCC. The committee shall be comprised of 2 to 3 members appointed by the Controller and confirmed by the Executive Committee. Neither the Controller nor theTreasurer is eligible for membership on the Audit Committee. The AuditCommittee shall: A) Review the books and records of the DPCCC Controller and Treasurer; B) Start its audit within 30 days of confirmation of its members and report its findings to the DPCCC within 90 days of the beginning of its audit. TERM: 3 Months in odd-numbered years. (Oversight: Controller)

Endorsements Committee

The Endorsements Committee shall function as a special committee of the DPCCC and shall be established as needed to oversee the DPCCC candidate endorsement process as set forth in Article VII of the By-Laws. The chair of the Endorsement Committee shall be nominated by the First Vice-Chair and confirmed by the DPCCC. The committee shall have diverse representation and shall include at least one Elected, Appointed, or Alternate Member from each Supervisorial District. TERM: 9 Months in election years. (Oversight: 1st Vice Chair)

Other Named Positions


A Parliamentarian may be appointed by the Chair and confirmed by the Executive Committee. The Parliamentarian shall advise the Chair and other officers, committees and members on matters of parliamentary procedure and assist with any questions that may arise in interpreting the By-Laws and any and all applicable rules of order. (Oversight: Chair)

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